Reiki Infused | Rose Quartz | Amethyst | Soy Candle

All natural fragrances & vegan ingredients sourced locally
Breathe in citrus & end with notes of lavender
40+hrs burn time, 7.5 fl oz
Hand made & poured in USA

Positive Affirmation Cards | Custom Designed 

Designed by Melissa & Katie, Made in the USA
51 Positive Affirmations to live your truth
2.5inch x 3.5inch, beautifully packaged
Comes with a unique circle wooden stand
Everything we do starts with the vibrational energy of our intentions. Combine our reiki infused rose quartz & amethyst soy candle, with our positive affirmation cards, to breathe positive energy into your life.  Let your light shine, live louder and let the energy flow.

Each Rose Quartz & Amethyst Crystal in our candles, comes infused with 'Reiki' energy.  The foundation of reiki is everything is energy and we are energetic beings living a human experience. Reiki is an energy management practice.

Reiki, is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing.   The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy."   Katie, is a qualified Level I & II of Usui reiki plus a 1st & 2nd Degree certification in Angelic Reiki and she has personally infused each stone. 

Rose Quartz

The healing properties connect to the heart chakra, the center of love.  By opening and healing your heart center, guides you to deepen relationships and embrace kindness, compassion and tenderness.


Considered to be one of the most powerful and protective stones.  It helps with the nervous system, insomnia, emotional issues and in balancing the crown chakra. Amethyst helps you to see things more clearly.

Better Together

Amethyst and rose quartz together is excellent for creative work and to help calm the mind and reduce stress & tension.  To provide emotional support and to encourage peaceful sleep, during difficult times. Together they help to be more receptive of change.  
Our candles are hand poured in small batches with the most ethically sourced soy wax, essential oils and crystals. Each candle is mindfully created with intention and purpose. Our fragrances are matched to each crystal's healing properties to offer aromatherapy with a touch of spiritual guided life force energy. Above all else we are passionate about bringing love and light to your space long after the flame goes out.

If you love the subtle, bright and uplifting scent of citrus followed by notes of lavender, then you will love the aroma that will fill your space, create a relaxing ambiance.  Our intentions candle is made from naturally derived fragrances.  We use soy wax in our candles which means that your candle is made from soybeans, burns longer and cleaner than paraffin wax candles.

Hand poured and made in the USA, using premium soy wax and all natural ingredients, formulated to melt evenly.

Comforting Lavender

Take change in your stride, be more in control.  Adapt to any situation by relaxing the emotional mind.  Perfectly matched to Amethyst Crystals.

Mood Enhancing Citrus

When you need some support for enhancing mood and creating emotional balance citrus essential oils are your go-to.

Better Together

Blended together they are a truly wonderful scent.  Uplift your senses with this exhilarating blend of  citrus and lavender fragrances. 
Each of the 51 positive affirmations have been carefully created to remind you that you are resilient, you are strong, you are enough and you can get through any of life's challenges. These cards are a perfect visual reminder, for your journal, vision board, notebook, or as a book mark.  The perfect gift that will keep on giving all year round.  

Packaged Ready to Gift

Beautifully gift wrapped and packaged ready to gift.

Better Together

This is a perfect and unique, one of a kind gift set.  Perfect for a teacher, a friend, your mum, or the hard to buy for.  Premium quality with our signature bee logo that everyone is raving about!

Custom Designed

Use one of 51 positive affirmation cards, to set your intention for the day, week, before yoga, workouts, meditation or in difficult moments. Write on them include them in a gift, or give the set to someone special.
The candle is my favorite scented candle on the market.  It is subtle yet aromatic with a crisp and fresh scent.  Highly recommend to all!

I received the candle and affirmation cards as a birthday gift from my BFF and I love them.  The candle fragrance smells incredible and there are 2 large crystals (not the small ones you find in most crystal candles). Will be buying the set for Xmas gifts this year.
These affirmation cards are extremely well thought out.  I shuffle mine and each day I pick a new card to set my intention.  Thank you for creating these and would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a daily pick-me-up.

The perfect match for setting your intentions.

Having faced significant stress and some of life's biggest challenges, Melissa feels empowered by using positive affirmations with fragrances that connect the senses.  Melissa designed the positive affirmations to create focus and energy for times when you need it most.  Partnered with the Intentions candle, they make a unique gift that will be cherished long after the holidays.

Melissa, Co-Founder

We create unique customers experiences.

Amongst her many talents and skills, Katie, is a qualified Level I & II of Usui reiki plus a 1st & 2nd Degree certification in Angelic Reiki.  Katie has personally designed our candles and fragrances.  Katie has over 20 years of experience designing and creating personal care products.

Katie, Co-Founder

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